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B & B Trees

  • We dig balled and burlapped nursery stock for both wholesale and retail customers in Spring and Fall.

  • We can arrange transportation if needed.

  • We dig trees as close to the delivery/pickup date as possible.

  • We give no warranty, expressed or implied, when stock is planted by others, as to growth or productiveness of the nursery stock that we sell, and we are not responsible in any way for the results in transplanting.  We assume no responsibility whatsoever for damage to plants in transit if shipping is handled by others.

  • For those customers picking up orders, the following is necessary: 1. Be on time 2. Have equipment necessary to handle the size and weight of the order 3. Bring straps, ropes, and tarps that are needed. Pick-up orders are loaded at the farm near where they are dug.

  • Please email us for pricing and availability.

Trailer of landscaping trees
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